Announcement of the New Establishment of ‘KaKa Technology Studio’, Aimed at Coexistence of Creators and Engineers and Establishing a Method of Expression in the Era of Generative AI.

Meguro, Tokyo — KaKa Creation Inc., led by CEO Yasutomo Takehara, proudly unveils the establishment of a new studio called ‘KaKa Technology Studio’ in the relocation of its office.

The studio is poised to redefine artistic expression in the generative AI era and stands as the beacon of innovation at the creator-engineer and cutting-edge AI synergy. Naomichi Iizuka, hailing from Production I.G., and Rei Kamiya, the illustrious director and CEO of Studio Outrigger, as an esteemed advisor.

Operating under the guiding principles of ‘Empowering creators through the power of AI. Creating more connections across the world,’ ‘KaKa Technology Studio’ holds a steadfast commitment to leveraging AI innovations for anime production and content service evolution. This groundbreaking venture brings together talented television anime creators and adept engineers to pioneer inventive expression methods, automating production processes while infusing each creation and quality with a touch of human ingenuity.

Located at 410 LANTIQUE BY IOQ, 1-1-17 Nakameguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0061, ‘KaKa Technology Studio’ embodies a collaborative shared space, fostering a dynamic environment for innovation and creation.

*The photo above is part of the shared space.

Rei Kamiya, the visionary behind Studio Outrigger, brings a wealth of expertise in business management and IP/content strategies to the studio.

His role as an advisor will be instrumental in shaping robust business frameworks for anime IPs through generative AI methodologies. Meanwhile, at the core of studio operations, Naomichi Iizuka, Director and CCO (Chief Content Officer), draws upon his rich background in Netflix productions and theatrical ventures, spearheading the AI tech team with unparalleled technical acumen. Anticipating a diverse range of production endeavors, including novel-to-anime adaptations and original content creations, the studio aspires toward a future wherein individuals can seamlessly manifest their anime visions through the transformative force of AI technology.

[Profile of Rei Kamiya, Director and CEO of Studio Outrigger]

After graduating from university, Rei Kamiya started his social career in the character IP business at Sanrio. He later moved to the U.S. and experienced the business of importing and selling character and anime IP merchandise in LA. Upon returning to Japan, he engaged in numerous production works as a business producer for anime, characters, and live-action projects, managing one-stop funding, business schemes, and creative system constructions. He also handled the launch of new IP businesses and organizational management duties, contributing to the strengthening of organizational operations. Official website of Studio Outrigger:

Rei Kamiya, Studio Outrigger Director, Shares Vision for Generative AI in Anime Production:

“As an advisor at KaKa Technology Studio, I see generative AI as a transformative tool in the anime landscape, delivering vital support and inspiration to creators. This aligned vision with KaKa Creation’s mission heralds a future where generative AI seamlessly integrates into the creative fabric of anime production, enriching storytelling and innovation.”

Yasutomo Takehara, CEO of KaKa Creation, on KaKa Technology Studio’s Vision:

“I am thrilled to unveil ‘KaKa Technology Studio’ and welcome Mr. Kamiya as an advisor. With his profound insight in anime industry, we are determined to propel the anime industry into a new frontier of creativity and technological advancement.”

To explore collaboration opportunities or for inquiries regarding AI-driven anime production, reach out to us at:,

as we remain steadfast in our philosophy of “Empowering creators through the power of AI.” *Guided by our corporate philosophy of ‘Empowering creators through AI capabilities,’ ‘KaKa Technology Studio’ invites you to witness the future of anime production.