KaKa Creation and University of Tsukuba Joint Research Agreement - “Use of Neural Networks for Labor Reduction in Manga and Illustration Image Editing”

KaKa Creation Inc., headquartered in Meguro, Tokyo, led by CEO Yasutomo Takehara, is dedicated to its mission of ‘Empowering creators with AI.

Connecting the world through creation.’ The company has recently entered into a joint research partnership with the esteemed University of Tsukuba, led by President Kyosuke Nagata.

This collaboration is focused on harnessing neural networks (AI) to streamline manga and illustration image editing processes, aiming to reduce labor-intensive tasks. The research targets AI-assisted coloring for drafts, offering a more efficient approach to manuscript production for manga artists and creators. Link to further information:

We are dedicated to boosting Japanese content creation’s influence worldwide. At KaKa Creation, we are fully invested in blending ‘human creativity’ with AI’s potential and strive to evoke these unique emotions to share globally. Exciting future innovations await at KaKa Creation.