AI power to empower creation
Colorize more world with Merch


AI power to
empower creation

Colorize more world
with Merch

In the present, various technologies, especially AI, are rapidly advancing.
Daily outputs that astonish society enliven the world, and the evolution and speed of their quality are truly remarkable.

Amidst this significant trend, we believe that what AI can truly achieve is the “efficiency of processes,”
and what can continue to inspire people is, and will always be, “human creativity” and “human will.”

With this in mind, we perceive AI technology as the ultimate “tool” to create unprecedented creations,
and we engage with it thoroughly. We want to regain strength with creators who can bring about new creations,
utilizing new technologies to create emotions and awe-inspiring experiences.

We aim to empower creators who can genuinely create awe-inspiring works by leveraging AI technology as the powerful tool.
and want to collaborate with individuals who can utilize new technologies to draw out emotion and awe-inspiring experiences.

Believing in the power of entertainment to easily connect the world through the emotion of “love”
we aspire to increase creations that can “connect” the world, more and more.

We dedicate our utmost effort towards this endeavor.

Code of

Code of Conduct Five core values to achieve our mission.

Empower creators.

What has always moved people, both in the past and in the future, is the passion and strength of creators. By utilizing AI, creators will be equipped with the tools needed to enhance their individual expressive abilities and bring their high-quality visions to life.

We strive to support a world where the “creators” are empowered to create emotion and build a rewarding world. The expansion of creative entertainment that connects the world starts with you.

Challenge the future alongside creators with trust in the power of entertainment.

Facing challenges with maximum effort resulting in “success” and “failure” are equal in value.
For the future prospect of significant success, let’s consistently undertake challenges with all our might and embrace failures with perseverance.

Believe in the potential of human creativity and engage deeply with AI technology.

Always remember the premise that the ability to create emotions stems not solely from AI technology but fundamentally from human thought and human will. We aim to grasp AI technology as the “ultimate tool” and potentially create a never-before-seen emotions through the combination of “human creativity” and “AI potential”

Content is not 99%.

Strive not for 99% content, but rather aim to confidently create a 100% immersive world.

Just as there is no 1% doubt in the real world, you cannot create a new world if there is 1% compromise or discomfort in the creative work.

Our main criteria to release content is to promote “getting lost in fun”.

Confidently step forward and make your presence known.

While the types of work may vary, each with its designated role, we are not a group gathered to fulfill a “role,” but rather a team assembled to “create something great.”

Let’s strive together to do “great work” beyond the confines of assigned “roles.”

With overwhelming initiative, let each individual confidently step forward with self-assurance to contribute their true value.

CEO Message

CEO Message

AI power to
empower creation

The rapidly evolving landscape of AI-generated creations continues to astonish the world with its unparalleled output in speed and quality. Having been involved in the content business for about 15 years, I find myself in a period where my thoughts are entangled and marveling at the evolution and quality while pondering the theme, “Will AI Technology take away human creativity?”

Although not a creator myself, I have thorough experiences being involved with well-known creators in the content business, I have strongly felt the desire to address a future where AI is thought as an interference to human creativity and a concept I earnestly wish to change.

However, the acceleration of AI’s evolution is unstoppable, and its quality continues to improve daily. I have personally noticed something while encountering various contents created by AI on social media.

Despite the abundance of “surprise” in AI-generated content, there is a lack of “emotion.” This realization led me to believe that, no matter how much the quality of AI-generated output evolves, the creation of “emotion” in content has always been, and will continue to be, driven by the “thoughts” and “will” of creators, capturing the hearts of the viewers and becoming content in itself.

Motivated by this realization, I decided that, instead of treating AI as an independent entity, it should be positioned as a “tool” for creators to generate new content. Our company, KaKa Creation, is committed to facing this challenge head-on, working closely with creators who have a vision, and collaboratively producing various content. I believe that by doing so, we can provide support to create new sensations in the world.

Through my past experiences, I have come to appreciate that the tangible aspects of creations, such as touch, texture, presence, and the atmosphere they emit, cannot be replicated digitally. These physical aspects, capable of transcending linguistic and cultural barriers, create a special existence that can directly evoke emotions in users.

Hence, the establishment of KaKa Merch was driven by the belief that by supporting the “power of craftsmanship” and the “ability to spread it” with AI technology, we can contribute to a world where more quality products abound, sharing the charm of these products with the world.

As we engage with AI technology, we strive to foster a world where even better things are created through the “human creativity,” and superior products overflow into the global market.

With a relentless commitment to AI technology and a dedication to a world where more and more people can experience the power of emotions, we, at KaKa Merch, are putting our full effort into making this vision a reality.

Harnessing the Power of AI for Creative Production. Together, let’s connect the world even more through the power of collaboration.

This is the strong determination of KaKa Merch, Inc.

「AI power to empower creation」

Colorize more world with Merch


Company NameKaKa Merch, Inc.
Executive RepresentativeYasutomo Takehara
Address3-18-3 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0042, THE WORKS 414, Japan
EstablishedAugust 4, 2023
Business OverviewAI-based Overseas Distribution Support / MD-related Business
Capital¥91,000,000 (including capital reserve)

会社名KaKa Creation, Inc.
代表者名Yasutomo Takehara
所在地3-18-3 Aobadai, Meguro-ku, Tokyo 153-0042, THE WORKS 414, Japan
設立June 5, 2023
事業概要AI-based Anime Production / Content Service Development
資本金¥75,990,000 (including capital reserve)


Announcement of the New Establishment of ‘KaKa Technology Studio’, Aimed at Coexistence of Creators and Engineers and Establishing a Method of Expression in the Era of Generative AI.

Announcement of the New Establishment of ‘KaKa Technology Studio’, Aimed at Coexistence of Creators and Engineers and Establishing a Method of Expression in the Era of Generative AI.

Meguro, Tokyo — KaKa Creation Inc., led by CEO Yasutomo Takehara, proudly unveils the establishment of a new studio called ‘KaKa Technology Studio’ in the relocation of its office. The studio is poised to redefine artistic expression in the generative AI era and stands as the beacon of innovation at the creator-engineer and cutting-edge AI…
Feature on Anime TikToker ‘HinaHima’ Published on CGWORLD.JP

Feature on Anime TikToker ‘HinaHima’ Published on CGWORLD.JP

A feature about the anime TikToker ‘HinaHima,’ produced by our parent company KaKa Creation, was published on the CG and video information site CGWORLD.JP monthly. The article focuses on the new production process of the anime ‘Twins HinaHima,’ which employs Stable Diffusion in its anime production flow. Under our corporate philosophy ‘Empowering creators through…
We have opened our home page.

We have opened our home page.

Thank you for visiting the website of KaKa Merch, Inc. We opened our website to the public on February 20.We will be updating the information as needed, and we look forward to your continued patronage.
KaKa Creation and University of Tsukuba Joint Research Agreement - “Use of Neural Networks for Labor Reduction in Manga and Illustration Image Editing”

KaKa Creation and University of Tsukuba Joint Research Agreement - “Use of Neural Networks for Labor Reduction in Manga and Illustration Image Editing”

KaKa Creation Inc., headquartered in Meguro, Tokyo, led by CEO Yasutomo Takehara, is dedicated to its mission of ‘Empowering creators with AI. Connecting the world through creation.’ The company has recently entered into a joint research partnership with the esteemed University of Tsukuba, led by President Kyosuke Nagata. This collaboration is focused on harnessing neural…
Article featuring our parent company on the “Nikkei Newspaper”

Article featuring our parent company on the “Nikkei Newspaper”

Our parent company, KaKa Creation Inc., was featured in the ‘Startup’ section of the Nikkei Newspaper on November 22nd. The article is also available in the Nikkei electronic edition at the following link: Under the corporate ethos of ‘Empowering creators through AI,’ we remain committed to delivering innovative and inspiring experiences with their collaboration.
Announcement of Capital Increase Completion at KaKa Merch Inc.

Announcement of Capital Increase Completion at KaKa Merch Inc.

Please accept our sincerest gratitude for your unwavering support. KaKa Merch Inc., a subsidiary of KaKa Creation Inc., has successfully raised its capital to ¥91,000,000 (inclusive of reserve funds) following approval at the shareholders’ meeting on September 13, Reiwa 5 (2023). We are excited to report this significant milestone. With this capital increase fortifying our…